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A woman-run business with over 15 years of results-driven experience. Personalized attention with custom-tailored services. Friendliness, attentiveness, and a great sense of humor.
That’s our company, our team, and what we bring to you.

Why Simple Search?

“Having worked on both the agency and client side, I have a unique perspective on how Search can work – we focus on high impact initiatives aligned to what is most important to driving your business. One of my favorite clients taught me how to demonstrate the fruits of our SEO/PPC labor by focusing on identifying those sometimes-hard-to-find “shiny pennies” to communicate up and out throughout her organization.”  – Mary Smucker-Priest, CEO

Who Are We?

the not-so-simple leaders of Simple Search

Mary Smucker

Mary Smucker has been a search marketer since 2004, working both agency and client side. She started Simple Search in 2016 and is proud of her team and company’s dedication to client success and digital marketing excellence. Mary has always loved words and spent many of her grade school days at the library reading through almost the entire children’s section. Search marketing was a natural progression. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her family, including a dog, 2 cats and a crazy kitten.

Erin Batson

– 4 years social media manager for the arts.
– I love promoting the things I believe in so it’s great to be able to help others get their message across via social media.
– Mom of 2 boys and I have an art gallery in Philadelphia.

Lesley Anderson

Resident SSM “content queen”, Lesley brings over a decade of Internet marketing experience to her role as Senior SEO Manager. An artist and musician as well as a lover of words and numbers, she applies both her creative and analytical strengths to content strategy and technical SEO at Simple Search. When not whipping up competitor analyses or combing through keywords, Lesley loves to bake, spend time by the ocean, and make ridiculous videos with puppets that often make their way onto the Internet.

Carrie Smucker

Carrie worked in academic settings for 20+ years with experience in data analytics and visualization, technology management, and program evaluation. She started bringing her skills part time to SEO four years ago and has worked full time in SEO for over a year. She enjoys the dynamic and interconnected environment of SEO work. In her spare time, Carrie fosters guinea pigs for a rescue, providing medical help if needed and caring for foster piggies while they are in the adoption process.

Meridith Mucci

Meridith has over 5 years managing the paid digital strategies for clients across verticals on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, including Search, Display, YouTube, Shopping and Remarketing efforts. Her expertise includes account setup, keyword and audience strategy creation, ad creation and testing, account optimization, and detailed reporting. As the Director of Paid Search, Meridith oversees our Paid Search team to provide insightful, efficient, and effective campaigns.

I love building trusting relationships with my clients and making our calls a highlight of their work week while delivering results that help them shine in their marketing team objectives!

Meridith enjoys working on her 80 acre farm in RI and going to the beach.

Cody Williams

Cody graduated from the W.P Carey School of Business at ASU with his BS in Business Entrepreneurship in 3 years, and proceeded to complete his MBA. Cody then took a position at Google in the Agency SMB Development Program working with National & International premier partner Marketing Firms optimizing their performance and maximizing returns. This included large brands such as SuperStroke USA, University of Wisconsin, Barstool Sports, and more. While at Google, Cody completed an Executive Certificate with MIT in Digital Marketing Analytics. In October of 2020 Cody left Google and launched Cranked Marketing with the goal to directly help companies expand and grow their businesses.

Samantha Barnello

Along with 4 years of SEO and Social Media Management, Samantha brings over a decade of event marketing management and brand ambassadorship to the table; from boots on the ground to leading the project. Her wealth of social engagement guides her in learning what resonates with your target audience and creating a tailor-made social media strategy that aligns with your business goals. She loves working with our team of incredibly talented marketers that share cross channel insights to produce a great client experience. Outside of work she enjoys spending family time, working in her gardens, hiking her woods, caring for her pets, and making music with friends.

Dresean Ryan

Dresean is a business strategist with a focus on SEO. He understands that founders don’t just want more traffic; they want more traffic AND sales. Each tactic he recommends in his SEO strategy is always geared toward what the business is trying to accomplish.

During his time working as an SEO, he has worked with large fortune 50 brands and he has also worked with small businesses in many different verticals. In addition, he’s mentored at Amazon where he taught founders how to scale their business, and I’ve contributed to large publications in the tech and marketing space such as Databox, HoneyBook, OmniConvert, and more.

Not only has he gotten to do SEO for amazing companies, but he has also trained SEO consultants on how they can start their careers as SEO freelancers.

Danya Ayaz

Danya was the SEO Manager at Alpharts (UK), where she worked on executing integrated SEO and PPC plans and support teams. Before Alpharts, she worked with Matt Five Marketing (UAE-based News Agency). Her primary responsibilities were covering real-time news, monetization on the website, tech SEO, and planning and executing strategies. In Digital Gravity (Pakistan), She led the efforts for corporate branding, including website, advertising, and client support, while also leading the marketing planning, including segment and audience targeting and development of a/b tests.

Her core expertise includes the development and execution of SEO campaigns, keywords identification, onsite optimization (title tags, inbound and outbound links), content analysis, and SERPs analysis. Her love for SEO has no limit as she firmly believes that SEO is the most comprehensive and diversified digital marketing strategy, which, when done correctly, can bring miracles for brands. On weekends, she can find herself holding a game console and battling for dominance in the gaming world.

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