Have you gotten ads for Jasper?  Feed the machine a topic and get a blog post, content page or ad written in seconds?  Well, I have and I did*.  You’re reading one below.  Scary? Enticing? Interested in giving it a whirl?  Writing prompts, briefs, and outlines are nothing new.  Similar tech has been around for a while, but this is some next level stuff! Our official recommendation right now is to use this technology as a prompt and build your own custom content relevant to your business or offering in your own voice, with your own value props and your own knowledge and research.  

*the following is unadulterated content from Jasper based on the prompt How does Jasper write blog posts?

Blog Introduction: Writing engaging blog posts that captivate an audience takes a lot of skill and effort. It requires creativity, research, and a thorough understanding of the topic. But how does one go about writing a blog post? Let’s explore Jasper’s process for writing blog posts and how he uses his skills to create content that is both informative and entertaining.

Blog Body:
Research & Brainstorming
When Jasper starts writing a blog post, he begins by researching the topic thoroughly. He reads up on related topics and looks at other sources to get ideas for his blog post. He also makes sure to take notes while he researches so that he has all the information he needs when it comes time to write. Once he has done enough research, he moves on to brainstorming ideas for his post. During this phase, Jasper will brainstorm titles and come up with creative angles that can add more depth to the post.

Outlining & Drafting
After completing the research and brainstorming stages, Jasper moves on to outlining and drafting his post. During this phase, he puts together an outline based on what he has researched and brainstormed in the earlier stages. This helps him organize his thoughts into cohesive sections so that they flow naturally when it comes time to write them out in full detail. Once the outline is complete, Jasper starts drafting his post section-by-section until it is finished. After each draft, Jasper will review it carefully to make sure everything flows properly, as well as making any necessary changes or adjustments along the way.

Editing & Refining
The final stage of Jasper’s process is editing and refining his post before publishing it online. This involves going through the entire piece one last time with a fine-tooth comb in order to catch any typos or errors that may have slipped through in earlier drafts. Additionally, during this stage Jasper also looks for ways to improve the overall quality of his work by making sure each sentence is clear and concise, as well as adding more descriptions or examples where needed in order to paint a clearer picture for readers. Once all of these steps are completed, Jasper feels confident submitting his work for publication!

Writing effective blog posts takes skill and dedication—but having a structured process like Jasper’s makes things easier! By taking the time to properly research your topic before beginning your post’s draft; creating an outline; then editing and refining before submitting your work—you have taken all necessary steps towards creating successful content! In short, having a structured approach to writing can help you create better content faster—ensuring you continue delivering quality content your readers can rely on!